Tuesday, December 01, 2015

i mustache you a question

Okay, no question here...  I just didn't know what to title the post and Movember is over and I can finally shave my mustache!  Okay, no mustache either.  This past weekend we spent Thanksgiving in D.C. with my parents and extended family on my father's side.  Almost all of them!  I tend to get people anxiety when in crowded spaces and since I started having an interest in photography years ago, I try to stay busy by taking photos.  It keeps my mind off of the crowdedness.  Oh and my awesome 'little' cousin took this picture of me.  I was teaching her a little about portrait photography.  By 'little', I mean she is taller than me and she's only 14.  But then again, most people are taller than me.

On a random note, my father also gave me an old film camera that has been in the family since 1973.  My Aunt took it on an African Safari with her and later down the road my father purchased it from her (1977?).  Now that I am nearing my slow season at AEP, I have found something fun and new to do this winter.  Film photography.  Let's hope the camera still functions properly.  (:

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