Friday, January 29, 2016

taking stock: part 4

Making: necklace dreamcatchers for a photoshoot coming at the end of april.
Cooking: a recipe a sweet friend wrote in our guest room journal - chicken francaise.
Drinking: peppermint tea.
Reading: still reading Heaven by Randy Alcorn.  It might take me awhile - it's a long (and great!) book.
Listening: to live on forever by the afters.
Wanting: for my birthday present to arrive - L.L. Bean Boots (mid-March).
Looking: forward to the new year, new adventures and travel list.
Wasting: away time putting together puzzles during the cold winter months.
Sewing: a button on a jacket.
Wishing: that it would snow more often.
Enjoying: a snow day with the hubs.
Waiting: for Joe to get off work.
Liking: my quiet winter season - advantage of being an outdoor photographer.
Wondering: what this year is going to bring.
Loving: being home all the time.  love.
Hoping (praying): i start to sleep better and not let my mind wander on worthless things.
Marveling: at my dear friend Mary's musical talent (pianist).  such an amazing person inside-and-out.
Needing: nothing.
Smelling: the wonderful crackling wood burning fire.
Wearing: pajamas all day, every day.
Following: my dream.
Noticing: changes in my outlook.
Knowing: that this life on earth is short and to focus on Jesus, not the things of this world.
Thinking: about the adventures and worship in Heaven and of course hanging out with Jesus.
Bookmarking: pages in my bible to re-read.  i'm not sure I have enough bookmarks to do this!
Opening: ebay purchase and client orders.
Giggling: is such a bubbly word - not sure i like it.
Feeling: alright today.

PS - I LOVE this man of mine.

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  1. I LOOOOOVE this photo Amanda!!!!!
    And i'm sooo happy you're feeling good!!!


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