Wednesday, March 16, 2016

savannah, georgia part II - a full day of adventuring

Joe and I were of course up at the crack of dawn as usual.  Well Joe was and then woke me up because he was ready to be up.  eh-hem.  We attempted to go to the Honda in Savannah to fix the broken seatbelt, but that was a fail.  So a broken seatbelt it would be until we returned home.

After breakfast with the fam, Joe and I did a little adventuring on our own in the morning while my parents and grandmother took the bus tour.  I'm sure they were more educated than we were on their tour... but we figured it was easier for us to take pictures if we hoofed it.  So hoofing we did.

Let the adventure continue... day 2.

Jones Street was voted one of the most beautiful streets in America.  Honestly I'm not quite sure which part was Jones street as the entire city was quite pretty.

Forsyth Park

Home being famous for house number "eleven", not "11".

We skipped lunch do to a late breakfast and stopped at Leopold's Ice Cream.  We tried the Chocolate Chewies and Cream. Definitely a must!

That fancy penny necklace 'LUCKY' {below} was purchased at the Savanna College Art Design School (SCAD) by my oh so sweet man of mine.  I am lucky!

Another fun place to check out was the Savannah Bee Company.  Where we tasted honey and checked out the other honey made products.  I may have come home with some delightfully smelling lotion.

Then a macaroon shop, which we only purchased 1 macaroon (salted carmel) after having ice cream and both totally regretted not buying an entire box full!  WOW!  

The Old Pink House where we had dinner the night prior.

Poppa O and Joe.

Pops and his favorite child daughter.

Saint John Baptist Cathedral - we ended up here twice as the first time the interior was closed due to a church service.

Mom, Dad, me and Grandma

After dinner at The Pirate House we made an evening trip to Forsyth Park for the night lights on the fountain.  Not quite as spectacular as I had hoped for in other pictures, but it was still pretty.

Day 3... was our last morning there.  We ate at Goose Feathers (delicious!) and then headed to Fort Jackson.

Canon demonstration.

Poppa O and Grandma

Me and Poppa O

Mom, Grandma, Dad and Me

Farewell for now.

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