Monday, April 04, 2016

when the husband is away, the wife and cats are at play

Some days the bed doesn't get made until the afternoon afternoon. Why?  Because it's occupied.  Thank you Norm.

Governor of Sass-achusetts right there.  Don't mess with my bed!

Norman's beaver... poor thing is missing an ear.  Most days the beaver makes an appearance in our bed, by our bedside, in our bedroom doorway or somewhere in the bedroom.  I guess Norman thinks he is earning his keep by 'killing' the beaver and showing it to us.  He would have been a great barn cat! 

Nope not gonna look at you.

Enter sad cat club.

I think that's my queue...  time to get the camera out of my face-face.

When the husband is away, the wife and cats are at play!  not really...  It does mean I have less mess to clean up work to do when he's out of town since it's just me to cleanup after...  I do enjoy less cleaning up, but I definitely miss him like crazy!!  Especially that empty pillow right next to me.

I've noticed that the cats follow me around a little more than usual when he's away.  Maybe they know that I'm lonely as half of me is missing and that I needed extra company...   Just glad the husband and I have been reunited!  

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  1. Those two are adorable! My husband was gone all weekend as well and our new kitten was attached to my hip. I think he and I will have a photoshoot next time my husbands away :)


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