Monday, May 23, 2016

round two for the zoo

Joe took last Friday off from work to adventure to the beach.  However, it was cool, overcast and rainy week and weekend ahead so instead we decided to go to the zoo for the day.  We thought it was a good idea and it mostly was a good idea, except that I think every school in the county decided it was field trip day.  They were everywhere!

...and there were no giraffe's for me to feed...they weren't even out.  Joe thought it was because it had been so wet that they would slip, fall and possibly injure themselves.  makes sense.  maybe next time...  (last zoo trip here)

Despite the crowds and lack thereof of giraffe's, the company and animals were rather enjoyable.  (:

One of my favorite moments was the lioness sticking his head under the others belly.  HA!

I think we made eye contact.  Norman is that you?

The gorilla was walking or shuffling upright with lettuce!

My honey bee.

This little otter was twirling  and twirling and twirling in the water.

The polar bears gave us the biggest show!  They loved being in the water and would swim away and then back to push off the glass.  The kids loved it!  I guess the grownups did too.  (:


Preparing speed...

Dive bomb!

The bigger polar bear didn't make quite the dive, but still dove in as well!

Swamp - it's like being home. 

Venus fly traps.

Kitty sittin' pretty.

The BIG gator.  Geeze.  Toes just dangling in the water.

I wondered how long he had been sitting in that spot since he has a small stick on his snout.

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