Monday, May 09, 2016

when it's nice out....

After a week of rain, we finally had some wonderful spring weather to play outside.  We drove up to Durham North Carolina to hike the Eno River Rock Quarry trail, which we had ventured to last summer (post here).  It was nice to enjoy the outdoors over the weekend together, minus poor Joe sniffling the entire time with those pesky allergies.  Hopefully the pollen season is almost over!

(above) That tiny speck in the water in the middle, middle right.  Yep that's a turtle.

fish hunting - what else do you call it?  scouting?

I think we will be making another trip up here to swim sometime over the summer, even though it's frowned upon people do it all the time.  It does look rather inviting.

lovely little clouds

(above) tiny grayish purple traveler on Joe's laces

{summer planning}
Joe: I would definitely jump this cliff...
Amanda: nope not me, I'll throw you your raft.

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