Monday, June 20, 2016

summer is officially here

As you may have noticed we've been trying to adventure a little more lately.  One of the biggest reasons is well, we've lived in our home for almost 8 years now and the house projects have finally ceased - for now at least...and we Joe decided that mowing the lawn during the week after work is also a good idea since it frees up our weekends.  why, yes-yes it does!

So far this summer {knock-on-wood} has been very cooperative in the weather department.  We've had hot days, but then days of 'cooler' temperatures as well.  can't complain there.  So when those cooler days arrive we have a need to play outside and I believe the rest of North Carolina does as well.  Saturday morning we packed up our gear and headed up to the Eno River in Durham to do a little adventuring.  Last month we went to the Rock Quarry area (post here), this time we headed to a different section.  We've done some of these hikes before, but it's been awhile and well who cares as long as the company is enjoyable.

See those tiny people above fishing? Then those below wading.  I'll pass on the brown water wading...

Well by-golly a bench for lunch.

Well 'hey' maybe there should be a picture of me in here somewhere?

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