Wednesday, June 08, 2016

the last daze of spring

Eloquent English Rose Photography

Summer is almost here... but today-today is still spring and feels like spring.  The humidity is absent, the windows are open and the breeze... the glorious spring breeze is filling up the entire house.  When the humid weather disappears it gives me a joyful almost giddy feeling.  That usually happens in the fall, but this rare occurrence and is definitely a blessing from the Lord.  

The breeze also makes me want to have long flowing drapes to watch blow around in the house.  i could only imagine what the cats would do to those.  add a cozy blanket, comfy clothes, a cat or two, a good book and warm tea in hand.  Minus the drapes, all of that might just actually happen today if I can get my to do list checked off.  #goals

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