Friday, October 07, 2016

grandfather mountain part i

This year has been busy...  With Joe having a new(er) job, starting graduate school and me in my busy season (June - November).  We haven't gone on any big trips this year, but instead we have done a lot of mini-adventures.  This past weekend we drove westward to Grandfather Mountain to hike.  It's not quite peak in the fall foliage department yet (end of October and early November), but it was still rather cold as you will notice by our attire at the top of the mountain.

One tidbit of information I did not know, was that Grandfather Mountain is the most rugged mountain terrain east of the Mississippi river.  It was impressively rocky hiking I might add.  It is also noted that at the top of mountain the temperature is similar to that in Canada.  The highest temperature ever recorded was 83 degrees.

grandfather mountain

we spotted a bear!  okay not really, it was a sanctuary for this beautiful bear.

split rock

view from the top of grandfather mountain

Grandfather Mountain Mile High Swinging Bridge - originally built in 1952 (wooden).  Now it is metal and let me tell you I was NOT a fan.  I don't think it was so much the height as it was the swinging and the wind making you feel unstable.  I hightailed it across BOTH times there and back.

thank you iphone

Joe took the small trek over to the peak on the other side of the bridge.  Me I was fine just where I was.

That tiny head in the center above is Joe.

thank you iphone

 Mile High Swing Bridge

Moving onward we hiked the Bridge Trail down to Black Rock

This must have been my 'come on!' take the picture face...

We then hiked the Black Rock trail to the Grandmother view

Lunch break

Lunch break view...

thank you iphone

The trek from Black Rock, through the Grandfather Extension to Grandfather Trail we put the camera away as we had limited time to get back to the car.  We had to be back by 5pm otherwise they will send a search party out for you.  We though best not to be searched for.

Forrest Gump ran this curve.

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