Wednesday, October 12, 2016

grandfather mountain part ii

Well we have the internet!  We've had no internet since Sunday due to Hurricane Matthew, but since that was the worst thing that happened to us from the storm I'm totally and utterly grateful that that is 'the worst thing that happened to us'.  So...  Thank you Lord for taking care of us and our little family!!

Soo...  Now I can finally share the rest of our grandfather mountain trip!  On the second day at Grandfather Mountain... it kinda felt like I was leading towards saying 'On the second day of Christmas' OR maybe I have Christmas on my mind as I purchased Christmas LUSH products and even ordered Christmas presents today...  

First stop the Blowing Rock.

Joe sitting on the end of the Blowing Rock

You can walk under it and apparently it's quite interesting when the wind is blowing.  Now wind for us on this early morning.

We found a mountain lion!  His name is Grover.  I really wanted to take him home with us...

thank you iphone

A second mountain lion - Lena.

The next 5 photos (after the cat petting) are from left to right the PANO view of the overlook.

thank you iphone

Lena + Joe forever....

Next stop Blue Ridge Parkway hiking at the bottom of Grandfather Mountain

I believe this is the only 'edge' I sat on.  Joe climbed and sat on them all!

Somewhere between this photo and the next we had lunch.  On our way to return back toward our car we both saw something walking in tall grasses.  It definitely had tan 'long' legs so we aren't sure if it was some sort of fox or wild cat or deer or dog or who knows what.  We both had a moment of panic and decided we should probably move quickly and next time bring bear spray or something of the sorts.

Joe called my attire old lady today...

I was collecting acorn tops to whistle with and Joe called me a squirrel as I kept shoving them in my side backpack pockets.

soaking in the last of the Willow Creek - until we meet again.

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