Monday, October 17, 2016

hanging rock

We had visited Hanging Rock State Park a few years ago for a quick day trip during the summer.  So we decided it would be fun to go back and visit with the cooler temperatures and hopes to see some fall color.  However, the cooler temperatures definitely brought crowds of people, that's for sure!

Within in the first three photos of this trip, we I had a moment of panic.  Backstory: I have two batteries connected to my camera and I knew the second one was fully charged.  I had my camera setup on the my tripod and was photographing this lovely waterfall below and BOOM the camera just shut off.  I was like HOLY CRAP what just happened.  I knew I had one fully charged battery, but something failed.  What is wrong with my camera!?!?  I kept seeing ERR (error)!!  So I started taking different parts off and on and and noticed the mirror was still up.  Well that's no good....  SO then finally after messing around for about 5 minutes, I was able to recover whatever happened.  It must have been a perfect storm of the dead batter switchover and the mirror being up while taking a slow photo of a waterfall.  Anyways we are all good now and we continued on the trip with much success.

OH and I saw a bald eagle on our drive out and we both saw a very large pileated woodpecker near the end.  This is when you had a super zoom lens.  (:

Hidden Falls

I wish I could have captures this waterfall better, but I was at my setting limits...  Unfortunate, but also this is when I had my sheer panic of drama unfold AND then there were other OLD hikers around just talking loudly about the AT driving me a little bonkers.  


Window Falls

I think this one is  my fave...

Joe was annoyed that all of those people were just sitting there at the hanging rock.  I think he expected them to move.  However, I will say I too thought that it was a big rude just to SIT and SIT and SIT at a famous photography spot.  I'm not saying they shouldn't enjoy it, just don't hog it for an hour!

Lunch spot.

Wolf Rock

Lake Trail

Upper Cascades Falls

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