Sunday, December 04, 2016

hello december

It's December 4th and I'm finally changing the calendar.  What a month November was.  phew!  Joe travelled to San Fran for work and I came out part way through to adventure with him (which I have yet to post any photos from our traveling), closing out my photograph season, traveling up to West Virginia for Thanksgiving and immediately following my parents visiting us in North Carolina.  It was a wonderful and adventurous month, but it's also good to be home and am so thankful we have no plans to travel for a bit!

On another note...  

The tree is finally up AND the room looks quite different!  The last several years it's been a struggle to figure out where to put the Christmas tree.  We just don't have a lot of space to move things around AND if we do move things around, where do we put the 'extra' furniture?  The first few years the tree went in the front window and we realized we really didn't get to enjoy the tree out there...  SO then the last few years we moved it into our family room in a corner, but had to move a lot of furniture to make it happen.  This year, we decided to keep it in the family room, but try yet another corner and have less furniture moving than usual.  SO maybe this is the right spot, the jury is still out!

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  1. Hi my dear!!!!
    I love your Christmas tree in this spot! :)


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