Tuesday, December 13, 2016

San Francisco - part i

Late October Joe had to travel to San Francisco for work.  I flew westward on his last day of work so we could do a little adventuring.  Our last visit to San Fran was about 8 years ago for a portion of our honeymoon.  We thought it would be fun to go back and relive some things and also do things we didn't have time for 8 years ago.  After 2 flights and a layover, which felt like forever...  makes me appreciate direct flights that much more.  Joe surprised me at the airport with already having the rental car.  Thank goodness!  Driving in San Fran is awful.  Once we we got into the city we did a little shopping and ate dinner at Kikos Sushi.  Quite the popular place I might add, others were outside waiting for the doors to open at 5:30pm just like us.  After dinner, I was done and ready for bed.

On our first full day, we walked 2 miles out to the docks to take the ferry to Alcatraz.  The audio tour was quite interesting, they had prisoners who stayed their speak on the audio tour along with some of the guards.  What an interesting history Alcatraz has.  You'll have to use the google machine on that one.

prison cells

Joe (below) was standing in one of the solitary confinement cells.

Critical things when you are on the west coast to visit...In-and-Out burger.  After lunch we walked over to Patagonia.  Joe had been to Patagonia a few days prior to shop with a discount card that was expiring... He walked 2 miles in the rain and purchased a cute Patagonia tee for me, however it was just too big.  Originally I had planned to exchange it for a smaller size, but found a zip up sweater I liked better.  So I have a feeling I will hear that Joe had to walk 2 miles, each way, uphill in the rain to buy me a present and that I returned.  forever.

Next stop was Ghirardelli Square

Lombard Street (crookedest street)

Fisherman's Wharf

Pier 39.  Definitely not as many sea-lions as there were 8 years ago when they were almost at their record high.  It was still mesmerizing to listen to them bark and push each other off of the docks.  I think we both could agree we could sit there longer than we did.

While we were trekking back to the hotel (2 miles), Joe said take a deep breath (because I was hangry), "but I might get high"!  Medicinal marijuana is legal in the state, we had to look it up as it smelled like marijuana on every corner.  

We were both so tired we ended up with Z Pizza takeout for dinner which was right across the street from our hotel.  Fine by me.

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  1. 2 miles up hill both ways in the pouring rain...maybe even snow...!!!


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