Monday, December 19, 2016

San Francisco - part ii

On our second day in California we drove to Muir Woods for a little adventuring.  I will say that Muir Woods is NOTHING like what Redwoods National Park is.  nothing.  It's tiny and the trees aren't nearly as big.  However, it was fun to reminisce about the Redwood portion of our honeymoon.  If you visit San Fran, it's worth the 6 hour drive north to the heart of the Redwoods.  No doubt about it!

Muir Woods

Joe was jealous of my tree hugging photo from our honeymoon.  As you will see from the Redwood below those trees were much larger in size and the park itself was huge too.  A lot more opportunity for adventuring at the heart of it all.

"Avenue of the Giants - Redwood National Park"

Joe said, OH we should have our photo made here so we are backlit!  He knows too much about photography.  Love that man of mine.

Teeny tiny Joe...

Muir Woods Beach Overlook

Next stop was lunch at Stinson Beach.  Here we saw a sea-lion swimming through the waves.  We also found a few large rocks and seashells to bring home with us to put in our beach themed bathroom.  Probably frowned upon, but my bathroom likes it.  

I walked slowly and not too close to this 'sweet' little seagull to make his picture.  He apparently he called them ALL off because they started to fly away and right OVER US!  Joe was laughing at me because I was screaming, "they are going to poop on me! they are going to poop on me!" whilst still making pictures.  HA

Tree shrouded entry at Point Reyes North District Operation Center

We both found the terrain very interesting here.  We were so close to the coast and there was farmland with cows everywhere.  Just seemed so odd.

We spotted a deer (below)

Point Reyes Light House area

308 steps (one-way)

More deer (below)

Mount Vision Drive - Tomales Bay View

meep meep car

We ALMOST made sunset.....

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