Friday, July 07, 2017

taking stock: part 5

35mm ISO 3200, f/1.8, 1/250 ss

Making: We recently finished painting 'new' bedroom dressers!  As you will note in the photo above, those particular dressers are now gone and have been replaced with 'new' freshly painted white dressers to match the rest of our master bedroom furniture.
Cooking: New carb-free and low-carb recipes.
Drinking: Water.  Mostly always water.  I drowned myself in it really.
Reading: A Court of Mist and Fury (book 2)
Listening: to the a/c run.
Wanting: for our late summer and fall travel adventures to come sooner!
Looking: for clarity.
Wasting: time on my phone.  I really need to quit that habit...
Sewing: tulle dresses for photoshoots.
Wishing: I could just lay down and take a nap right now.
Enjoying: the a/c...
Waiting: for fall to come sooner.  Why is it that we always wish for the opposite season and not enjoy the one we are in?  When it's summer we want fall / winter.  When it's winter we want spring / summer...  When it's fall, well I want it to always be fall.  (:
Liking: 'new' television shows.  We just started watching Modern Family which is pretty funny.
Wondering: what the next season will bring in life.  Always a wonder for me.
Loving: Fridays.  Fridays are my favorite as it's the last day of the work week for the hubs.  That means at home date night.  TV and take-out.  Fave.
Hoping (praying): Praising God that I am feeling better.  In early June I had another episode (almost 10 years later) of gastritis.  I waited almost an entire month to go to the doctor as I tried to just eat a clean diet and things didn't clear up.  With that being said this last month has been quite tough on my physically and spiritually.  So after about a weeks worth of stomach meds (3 more weeks to go) and a good report of an ultrasound on my gallbladder, kidney and pancreas this week, I can say I am finally on the mend.  Thank you Jesus!
Marveling: at the birds.  Animals (and many other things) are such an amazing creation.
Needing: nothing.
Smelling: pumpkin scented candle.  It's not the appropriate season, but it makes me happy.
Wearing: lots of shorts and bare feet.
Following: nothing really.
Noticing: how some things that seem hard can be such a blessing.
Knowing: that I love my husband always and forever...
Thinking: I need to be less selfish always at times.
Bookmarking: hiking gear.
Opening: a box (new shoes).
Giggling: over the cats obsessions with the bathtub faucet, but now tired of it.  What is wrong with their twice filtered water?  #spoiled
Feeling: alright.

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