Wednesday, September 27, 2017

canadian adventure - banff national park: bee hive, lake louise, lake agnes and mirror lake

If you missed the first part of day one of our Canadian adventure you can find it here...  

After we finished hiking the Plain of Six Glaciers, we headed towards the bee hive.  For some reason this hike seemed longer than Mount Mitchell, but I have a feeling a lot of that had to do with jet lag.  Throughout the hike (when it wasn't windy), there was so many pine trees the air was infused with the scent of pine.  I remember closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and saying it smells of Christmas...

Halfway through our hike up, we stopped to eat our lunch.  I don't think I've ever seen Joe eat that fast.  I know I was looking up the hill and down as I was afraid a bear was going to want my ham sandwich.  I'm pretty sure Joe felt the same way!  However, I will say the area was quite populated with people hiking, so the likely hood of seeing a bear was probably pretty slim anyways.  

Corner left peak - Mont The Mitre (9,469 feet)
Snow in the shadows (under tiny point) - Lefroy Glacier
Large peak center left - Mount Lefroy (11,230 feet)
Left  peak (but on the right) - Abbott Pass (9,598 feet)
Center photo (darkest area) behind it - Death Trap
Lighter area next to the death trap - Lower Victoria Glacier
Snow area on the right (mid mount) - Upper Victoria Glacier
Peak (sort of a point far right) - Mount Victoria (11,365 feet)

Another view of Mount Lefroy and Mount Victoria

Lake Louise in the distance

Mount Lefroy and Mount Victoria 

We made it to the top of the beehive!  The lighter blue lake is Lake Louise.  But you could walk a few yards to the other side and see Lake Agnes (more of a jade blue during our visit).

Lake Agnes

As you will note in 1 day we had a lot of outfit changes.  It was pretty cold in the morning and slowly did we start to change into warm weather hiking gear and hats.  YES old people hats and I LOVE IT.  Don't judge!

Down we will go...

Joe proudly used my pink cell phone for photos (better phone camera than his).  AND honestly sometimes it's just easier to whip out the cell phone than my DSLR when it's tucked away at times.

Who needs two cans of bear spray?  THIS GIRL!  Side note, in sketchy wild areas Joe did carry one of the bear sprays strapped to the front of him for easy access (some hotels and resorts loan out bear spray FYI).  But the hiking areas around Lake Louise were quite populated so we weren't too worried about seeing anything.  Although, maybe we should have been as I have seen many photos in this area from others where they did see wildlife!

PS - hiking poles also an amazing necessity for stability and hills.

Bottom of Lake Agnes (also another Tea House on the other side of the lake)

Looking back towards the lower portion of the beehive

Touching the water was necessary

This photo has TOURIST Amanda written all over it with the plaid, hat and camera in hand.

Mirror Lake (quite small)

A gentleman offered to take our photo!  It always makes me nervous to hand over my camera, but HEY he got the entire peak in the frame and the photo was sharp!  He should have gotten a high-five for that.

Back to Lake Louise

Fairmont Chateau at Lake Louise

All in all a very eventful day!

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