Thursday, September 28, 2017

canadian adventure - banff national park: sunrise, moraine lake, canoeing and downtown banff

Day two...  probably my favorite photos from this adventure...

Joe and I had another very early morning (4:30am wakeup call) for sunrise.  We arrived to heavy cloud cover, which was basically the forecast for the entire week with the exception of our first day and forecasted last day of adventuring.  However (a big However for me), I am okay with cloud cover for travel photography as you don't have any harsh shadows to deal with.  Trying to balance what to expose for can be tricky and annoying...  Anywho...  photography rant over.

In the end, I kinda like clouds.

The rock pile we hiked up to photograph Moraine Lake (below)

I'm not terribly afraid of heights, but I also don't like the feeling that I may plummet to my death.  We hiked up the rock pile, but had to maneuver my way back down a bit to find a good spot to photograph the lake, then I had to crawl back up (a different way) and that was a different story...  Joe said I looked like a prairie dog when my head popped up.  The guy standing near the wall started laughing at me.  All is funny, until I tumble down!

As the day prior was a bit heavy on the leg activity, we decided today was going to be the day to canoe.  This was on my bucket list for this trip.  No matter the cost ($97 for 1 hour by the way) that I was going to canoe!  I'm glad Joe chose Moraine Lake as it was a quieter, more beautiful (at least during the time of our visit) and a more secluded lake.

We stopped to just sit in the middle of the lake for awhile.  We were both in awe, that this was so real.  We were finally here...  the mountains, the water it's every bit of blue as the photos I've seen on the internet.  It's just a small glimpse of heaven.  #PinchMeAmIDreaming

I VERY carefully turned around to make Joe's photo.  The water was a litttttle cold and neither of us wanted to go swimming; we will say that.  Neither of us wanted hypothermia...

close to the shoreline...

Sadly heading back to where we started...

I could have stayed out there for a few more hours, with the exception of the looming rain for the afternoon.

After canoeing, we visited downtown Banff for lunch and the rest of the afternoon.  We stopped at the Park Distillery + Restaurant + Bar for lunch and it was delightful!  After lunch we milled about and found our usual travel treasures: a magnet and Christmas ornament.  I think the Christmas ornaments are my favorite to collect, as each year we unwrap each travel ornament and reminisce about the memories of that trip.  We have been collecting them since we were married...  something we will forever continue and cherish.

By 3pm we were both beat.  We made a quick stop at the Cave and Basin, which is the birthplace of Canada's National Parks.  No offense Canada, but this one wasn't anything to write home about.

Then stopped at Bow Falls where people were taking river raft tours (not white water rafting).  Something I could handle.  Then the drizzle started and it was time to travel back to Canmore.  

We ordered pizza from across the way so Joe could do some homework (if you didn't know he is in grad school obtaining TWO degrees!) and then hit the jacuzzi.  Which we did almost every night to ease our tired bodies.

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