Thursday, October 05, 2017

canadian adventure - banff national park: johnston canyon lower and upper falls

After the Bow Lake Trail hike we headed south on the Ice Field Parkway back towards Canmore.  I thought we were going back to the resort, however Joe decided he wanted to hike one more location.  My body said no, but my head said yes....  so we made one last stop to Johnston Canyon Lower and Upper Falls.

I waited to pull my camera out until the end as we would stop at all the different falls on our way back down to save time powering through the uphill hike first.  Photographing waterfalls requires a tripod, so it's a little more than just stopping and making a picture AND I LOVE photographing waterfalls.

...the sound of the rushing water and the smooth water one can capture.

Neutral Density Filter used for all waterfalls (6 stops): tripod used
24mm lens 
average settings - ISO 640 - f/16 - 1.6 ss

Throughout the trail there were quite a few smaller falls, but none the less still beautiful.  This was another day I was very thankful for the cloud cover.  This brought out no major light issues and also the depth of blues and greens is just, wow!

The majority of the 'hike' was on catwalks.

Another successful day without getting eaten by a bear...

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