Tuesday, January 23, 2018

day 4 part ii: sequoias, mora rock and wuksachi lodge

On our last day of our travels in Sequoia it was quite crowded as it was a Saturday.  So of course we picked some of the most touristy things to do that day.  Smart right?

We drove through some of the giant sequoia areas...

Joe is still jealous of our honeymoon photo made 10 years ago at Redwood National Park.  He still needs an epic tree hug photo.

We found a small tree.

Honeymoon Photo below 
Redwood National Park near Crescent City CA
circa August 2008

The Parker Group (below)

We drove through the sequoia tunnel log

We climbed to the top of Mora Rock

LOTS of stairs and crowded!

This is 5 photos stitched together to make a partial pano from the top of Mora Rock.

This is the second half of the pano as I could not get them to stitch properly.

It would have been an epic pano!

Wuksachi Lodge

As we had some time to still adventure we decided to hike behind Waksachi Lodge.  The trails were nothing to brag about, but we did have a nice little surprise!

Baby and momma mule deer!

Joe finished with a beer.

We returned to the mule deer at the same spot!  SO I took 4 million pictures of them.

The baby was the most curious / afraid of us.

day 5: Leaving Sequoia

Tunnel Rock (below)

Our last day we had a 4 hour drive southward to Santa Monica where we spent the afternoon.  Our flight was early the next morning.

I didn't make any pictures in Santa Monica as I was tired and we mainly walked around and shopped.  

SO until next time Sequoia...

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