Friday, January 19, 2018

day 4 part i: tokopah falls hike

We started off with another brisk 24 degree morning.  Drove a few miles to the Lodgepole Campground to hike Tokopah Falls Trail. At the entrance to the campground there was a sign that said bear car break-ins in the last 7 days.  It sort of made me laugh, but there were 3 break-ins noted on the sign!!  So we made sure to take every food and drink item that was in our car with us so we weren't number 4.  Hence the extras in my pack for this hike...

AND once again we were the trailblazers.

*note this post is a large mix of cell phone / camera photos

Tokopah Falls (7375 feet) 

We sat at the falls for a bit and ate cliff bars and drank a thermos full of hot coffee.  Much needed as the sun hadn't risen over the peak and it was cold out!  Nothing like sitting on cold rocks either.

When we reached the halfway point on our return we finally crossed paths with other hikers!  I will say, it's quite nice to have the trails to yourself, but you just have to be a bit more on watch for wildlife run-ins.

Watchtower Peak 8873 feet

The water was so clear...

After this hike we headed back to Lodgepole Market for a magnet and ornament.

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