Thursday, September 02, 2021

taking stock: part 4

Nikon Z6 - 35mm - ISO50 - f/16 - 1.3sec

It's been over two years since I posted on this little ole blog of mine.  I figured what better way to start back with a blog post on "taking stock".

Making: personal photography projects a priority this fall season.
Drinking: ginger tumeric tea.
Reading: the bible daily, but just finished reading trusting God by jerry bridges and my next book in the queue is the perfect couple by elin hilderbrand.
Wanting: to be more productive and fruitful.
Looking: and listening to the trees rustle outside the window.
Wasting: time trying to think of an answer.
Sewing: nothing.
Wishing: fall would arrive sooner rather than later.  august has been the hottest month yet!
Enjoying: this feeling i have right now.
Waiting: for nothing.
Liking: the quiet season that it has been.
Wondering: when life will feel "normal" again.
Loving: joe working from home most of his days.
Hoping: 2022 is the light at the end of the tunnel.
Marveling: at God's beautiful earth.
Needing: nothing. but should probably go take a shower.
Smelling: bug spray from being outside in the woods.  my happy place.
Wearing: shorts and tee.
Following: no social media or news these days.  it's been glorious.
Noticing: how time feels like it is flying, but at a stand still at the same time.
Knowing: that this season of life will end.
Thinking: i should be outside right now instead of at the computer.
Feeling: grateful for God's grace, mercy and love.
Bookmarking: photography ideas.
Opening: mail which is quite dull these days.
Giggling: over norman sleeping under the blanket in joe's home office.
Feeling: grateful for someone to talk tot his morning.

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