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another canadian adventure - jasper national park: day 2

Joe has been asking for me to upload the Jasper photos for months now and rightfully so!  We made the trip to Jasper in early September and it's been a mere 4 months since we returned.  I will say when I wait this long to write it makes it much harder to remember what we did, so hopefully as I write the next few posts these photos will help jog my memory!

If you missed day 1 of our trip to Jasper, you can read more about it here: Jasper National Park: Day 1

Day #2

Patricia Lake

As mentioned in my first post, Patricia Lake was where we were staying so a quick walk to the lake in the morning was a necessity.  The cloud cover was so low and dense you couldn't see any of the mountain range.

I quickly found some ducks to photograph.  Now only if I had a telephoto zoom lens to get up close and personal.  Always an excuse over here with equipment.

The usual Joe selfie, but this time I was photographing him (below) - while he was capturing me (above).

The duck stalking may have gotten a little out of hand, but I was enjoying myself.  I'm pretty sure Joe could have moved on by the time I took picture four-hundred-and-twenty-two of the same flock. 

Our next stop was Maligne Canyon.  Maligne Canyon supposedly is one of the most interesting canyons in the rockies.  Just a side note, that an internet site recommended that we start at the 6th bridge.  However, Joe and I agree that there wasn't a need to hike that section as there wasn't a lot of interest on the trail getting to the 5th bridge.  Maligne river yes.  If you decide to travel here (or we ever go back), I would suggest starting at bridge 5 and drive to the 6th bridge to check it off your list.

Somewhere about this point Joe needed to find a restroom.  In usual fashion, one would find a lonely tree (sorry Mom)...  However, this was quite a crowded area and that wasn't an option.  

With me not knowing any of what was going on (I thought he would have been gone a whole 5 minutes) and due to the amount of people he had to find the real restrooms.  

So I waited and waited and waited and finally started to go in panic mode.  Where is he!?!?  Why is this taking so long?  Did he miss me?  I mean I did move a few yards to photograph another waterfall...   BUT how could he miss me with this bright red orange jacket on?

Apparently the restroom were about a mile away...  So he had to make quite the adventure...  I felt like he had been gone for at least 30 minutes!  You would think, hey pick up the phone and call and let me know what's going on - oh yea there is no cell service here..............  zero.  OH how we rely on technology...

We headed back to the town of Jasper to grab a bite (Raven Bistro - delightful!) and do a little wandering to find our usual souvenirs.  Christmas ornament & magnet.

After lunch we headed back to the Patricia Lake Bungalows, unloaded and then hiked from our place to Pyramid Island.

Bridge to Pyramid Island

Mountain range view from the bridge:

Pyramid Lake
Far left peaks Mount Fryatt
Mount Edith
Jasper Tramway - Upper Terminal

Mount Edith
Jasper Tramway - Upper Terminal
The Whistlers
Indian Ridge
Pyramid Bench
Fortalice Mountain
Muhigan Mountain
Roche Noire

It's hard to tell in the photos below, but you could see copper and pink colors on Pyramid Mountain.  The colors are from fools gold.  

Sadly you may notice at the bottom of the mountain which are a brown/red in color.  The pine trees have been overtaken by pine beetles.  The beetles have infected at least half of Jasper's pine forest.  Unfortunately the dead trees increase the risk for fire danger and rapid fire spread at that.

Patricia Lake

At the end of the day we were exhausted.  Fortunately we picked a fabulous location where we could cook inside or grill outside and enjoy not having to go out to eat every night.  One thing I could definitely appreciate as by the end of our days hike we just want to veg!

We also took advantage of the community outdoor jacuzzi.   On our first evening we met 4 women adventuring from Minnesota and another couple from British Columbia.  All had appropriate accents for their regions.  I always wonder what people think of our "accent"?  At least I assume we have no accent to decipher where specifically we are from in the United States.

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