Tuesday, January 29, 2019

another canadian adventure - jasper national park: day 3 - part i

Day #3 - part i

Driving on the Icefield Parkway

Sunwapta Falls
cascading ~ 59 feet 

24mm, f/16, ss 1/2 sec + 3 stop neutral density filter , ISO 50

24mm, f/16, ss 1/3 sec + 3 stop neutral density filter , ISO 50

When you have no cell service you have to use a paper map.... How does one use one of these things?  JK!

Honeymoon Lake Campground

We made a random stop off of the ice field parkway.  There was no sign to tell us what peak we were looking at, but we think it might be Mount Kerkeslin.  If anyone knows the correct mountain peak, please tell us!

Panoramic of images above (merged)

Athabasca Falls
cascading ~ 70 feet 

24mm, f/16, ss 2.5 sec + 3 stop neutral density filter , ISO 50

Athabasca Pass & Mount Edith Cavell

Unfortunately Edith Cavell was on our bucket list to go to as you can hike up to the glacier.  However at that time of our travels the road to get there was closed for construction....  Joe is still sour about hearing the name 'Edith Cavell'.  Maybe one day we will make it back.

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