Wednesday, January 30, 2019

another canadian adventure - jasper national park: day 3 - part ii

This morning I was on the phone with my father and we were discussing all of the photos we make on our adventures (this trip almost 1000 photos between DSLR + iphone).  The big question he asked was, do you feel like you still take it all in with making all the photos?  Yes and no.  I do find that I have to stop myself and be still for a moment and soak it in.  Sometimes the camera can be a distraction during our adventures for sure.  However, all of the photos help put me back on memory lane.  If I didn't have the photos would I remember as much?  Probably not.  I think that is one of the many reasons why I love photography.  You can capture a moment in time and always go back to it.  As time passes memories seem to fade, but photographs help keep the memory alive.

Day #3 - part ii

In the afternoon we took the Jasper Sky Tram up to Whistlers peak (8104').  Whistlers gets its name from the marmots at the top who apparently make a whistling noise.  Sadly we did not see any marmots while we were up there to witness its claim to fame.

As far as the tram, if you are claustrophobic, this tram ride is NOT for you.  They cram up to 26 people (standing room only) + 1 operator on this thing.  We were packed in like sardines.  Thankfully it was about a 10 minute ride up.

Once at the top there is a small observation deck you can view the town of Jasper, but if you want the real views you will want to make the steep trek up to the summit of Whistlers to get the full 360 view.  I'm pretty sure most of the people who were on the tram were like look at these two goons, hiking poles, big hats, backpacks, etc....  Yea who wishes they had all that good stuff now?!

tiny Joe on the top of the peak using his cell phone to make a picture

Town of Jasper

prepping for a family portrait

Whistlers Summit and the town of Jasper behind us

The dial rotates and will point to the respective peak - what an incredible 360 view!  I think that is why we spent about 3 hours at the top.  So much to soak in.

We hiked a portion of the Indian Trail until we could not see a trail any longer...  There were warning signs about hiking off the summit, so we figured it would be best not venture ALL too far....

Joe wanted the same photo #copycat

This is probably the most photos you have ever seen of me while traveling.  I actually let Joe take the camera to make photos...  Apparently he felt the need for me to be in almost every photo (you will see).  

Slick muddy trail down!  I think Joe was hoping I would eat it.

Town of Jasper behind me

See I do soak it in.  (:

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