Friday, March 15, 2019

another canadian adventure - jasper national park: day 5

This was our last day in Jasper so we wanted to make the most of it...

We were up before the sun rose (astrophotography) and out the door early to hike the Sulpher Skyline Trail (6 miles).  I of course needed to read the map of all the details to see what shenanigans Joe was getting me into.

As you will note it was a steep rocky hike up.  We were one of the first few cars there when we started up the trail.  Of course that always makes me weary of what critters are still out and about with out many people to 'scare them off'.  Why are we always the trail blazers?

We hiked a tiny bit slower on this trail as my knee was still bothering me from the day priors hike.  Thank goodness for Tylenol!

Apparently we really the only ones on the trail, there were a few people at the top having lunch or making it up shortly there after us.

Perfect lunch spot.


On the way down, we noticed how many non-English (at least primary English) speaking folks there were.  We were both amazed and thought it was pretty neat!  I never knew that Jasper would be a world-wide adventure spot, but apparently it is - for good reason!

We made it to the top and back in about 4 hours - not too shabby!

At the bottom of the mountain was the Miette Hot Springs.  Of course we needed to stop in for a dip.  This pool in particular was a lovely 30 degrees celsius (86 fahrenheit).

Do you see Joe's face?

... and this face?

... and then this face?

There were 4 pools.  This one a mere 20 degrees celsius (68 degrees fahrenheit).  68 degrees doesn't sounds that bad...  but it was.

Below the far pool was This one a mere 14 degrees celsius (57 degrees fahrenheit).  Yep we both went in it.  ONCE.

On the drive back we saw a lot of sheep and elk milling.

There was no getting out of the car, hence the angle...  but they were quite close!

There were a bunch of cars on the side of the road watching this big guy.  I was getting frustrated as none of the cars were moving.  Just hogging the road.  Then he started to meander closer.

.... and closer

... and probably too close (yes we were in the car!)

He had zero interest in us, which is probably good thing.  He just wanted to eat the shrubs.

We finally made it back to our place and someone was just hanging out in the 'backyard' of a bungalow.  Not our backyard...

Our very last day we made the trek back to Edmonton.  We had an early flight the next morning and Jasper is quite the haul....  So we did a little mall shopping and ordered a pie for the room.  It was an early night sleep for us.

Until next time Canada.

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